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What comes to your mind when you think of CRED? USD 140 Million investment in less than a year or excellent user experience or customer care problems?.

When I think of CRED, I think of the 30K CRED coins I exchanged to get 56 INR cashback. I was furious, and I felt like it’s a scam. And after that, I didn’t make any credit card bill payment through the app, and now I’m happy with the conventional way of paying the credit card bills using Net banking.

60% of the people use CRED because they are happy about the user experience and wouldn’t mind opening the app for one more time. Still, for sure, that’s not going to be long term, after a while, people will get tired of it, either they will forget about using the app, or they will uninstall it.

A ton of people complained that their credit card payments were not going through,and CRED’s customer support was terrible, or also refund is not reflecting. Interestingly though, I did two transactions via CRED app, one is 80K INR & 2K INR, both of these payments were fine. I believe users faced a lot of problems because of bank-level settlement.

One year into the market, with series B funding, I don’t think that CRED found it’s inner-call. CRED wants to make India a better place with disciplined creditworthy customers by providing them exclusive rewards. CRED has a long way to go, and CRED has to find a different strategy to make money.

i’m lowercase. i’m chill and laid-back.

You might be wondering what I’m talking about, right?. Let me give you more clarity. CRED is psychoanalyzing all of our text-reading habits. We are so used to see mixed-case text, but seeing lowercase all around the app? I like it because CRED is trying to bring in a unique personality to its design. Did you know that lowercase letters invented to improve readability! sigh

Include screenshots where the buttons are uppercase.


Even though CRED wants users to read everything in lowercase, the app failed to do. In the support page [ are you fucking kidding me? ], all button titles start with an uppercase, which makes me go mental because I’m used to seeing lowercase text all of the app. There is so much in-consistency.



fifty shades of grey

The designers must have had a hard time tweaking the hue, tone, and tint of the gray color to match the personality of the app.

I am a person who loves looking at colors, and if they are colorful, chances are you are already lost me. The grey color spectrum is there all over the app, reminds me of fifty shades of grey. It’s a unique composition for tech-savvy users; otherwise, you wouldn’t enjoy the user experience.

There is a reason why CRED is only available for people who have a credit score of 750 and above. An average user won’t be able to understand what characteristics of the app or what CRED is trying to do.

Even though the technology is getting futuristic, it will take time for a typical Indian user to adapt it. Paying credit card bill is not the only functionality the CRED will have, the app will bring in more features, and it has to let in more users use the app for sure. Down the line, they will have trouble convincing a typical user about its user experience.

For example, CRED is like Snapchat in fintech. Only a handful (millions) of people are using Snapchat, and a lot of users are not using it because it takes a lot of cognitive loads. Even though CRED’s user experience is simple, the number of processes the brain takes to act on the app is not minimal. A typical user will have a lot of trouble.

particle fibre motion

Wow, I love it. Throughout the app, you can see that there a subtle animation of geometrical shapes on a thin line (fiber). The design mafia at CRED calls it particle fiber motion.

I love patterns. These fibers aligned randomly as background patterns everywhere make me calm and at the same time, high (observe).

making our life easier

I used Swiggy app a lot, and it took them a lifetime to show me my most used payment methods on top. But instead CRED, started showing me the same after a couple of payments, great & neat!

some issues (UI & other)

CRED asks the user to allow permissions while in onboarding. And the button on the top-right says “deny permissions”. As a super-user, I don’t want CRED to have all the permissions right away. So I clicked don deny permissions. Nothing happened.

CRED still wants me to allow all the permissions? Wtf right? If the button is not doing any valuable operation, then why keep it there and confusing the user.

On the profile page, on the bottom, you can see a button with the title “Quick Actions”. Though quick action options are visible right in front of me, the app is showing a button that takes me exactly where I’m.

We all are worried about Facebook selling our personal and private data to other companies. Or brands are influencing us in such a way that we are merely a product for them.

For now, you might think that CRED is only reading our credit card bill statement from our emails. But we don’t know what they are putting together. They might put together all the information they can get from your email and can build a sophisticated behavior model for every user. And this will come in handy if CRED is planning to become a bank in the future. Unlimited user’s data + a financial ecosystem = Just wow!

What CRED can do is, though, ask user’s about the payment due date, and send a notification or email to the user every month. The logic is pretty simple, then why does CRED want to read the statement from your email. Why do you want to show how you spend your money & where you spend it to CRED?

As we all know, usually, only banks generate credit card statements, and they don’t share this information with anyone. Also, we don’t. But now we are sharing it with CRED. Think of the things CRED can do with the abundance of credit card statement patterns.


The app jas only given access to an elite group of people, and it is offering them shitty rewards.

someone on the Internet said this:

I want to meet the person who received more than 100 rs in the “kill the bill” offer of CRED. CRED CLUB is running a giant lottery program where no one ever wins. It’s almost like Google Pay Rangoli offer where a Google staffer won Rangoli but no one else.

what’s the future?

CRED Credit Card, yes, I’m pretty sure that they will release their credit card. That’s one of the easiest ways in which CRED can make money. CRED has a good number of creditworthy customer base, so CRED can issue the credit cards to the existing users, no need to market the product separately, also the company can make a lot of money on the interchange.

Automatically pay customer’s credit card bills on time. Even though most of us have 3D secure enabled credit/debit cards, we can do a transaction without the authorization from the user. It’s unscheduled called card-on-file, a merchant can debit money anytime using from customer’s card with a one-time approval from the customer.

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